17 Seemingly Profitable Chrome Plugins

As I was considering creating a Chrome extension for my desktop app Ghostnote, bronchi  I started wondering how many chrome extensions where actually profitable or at least generating some sort of revenue. I started doing some research asking around in forums.

As expected it wasn’t exactly an overwhelming amount making any money or even charging users, emergency but I did manage to collect a list of apps that are doing fairly ok. Some of them even seemed a little dodgy. It’s interesting to note that the primary success is to be found in relation to Gmail extensions.

Anyway. I thought I would share my little research project with anyone who might be looking for this info themselves. If you know any other extensions that are doing well tell me in the comment and I will add them to the list.

The Chrome Extension List:

Streak CRM
CRM in your inbox. Freemium model, charges user per month ranging from $19-$119.

Adblock Plus
Adblock uses an interesting model to make money called Acceptable Ads. Basically it’s free to use but some ads, deemed acceptable by the 300million users are allowed in for a fee.

Postman sells a license for their standalone chrome app. The Chrome extension is necessary for some of the features to be useful.

Email tracker. Freemium model, charges from $12 – $40 per user per month.

Email reminder. Freemium model, charges from $4.99 – $45.99 per month.

Email tracker and scheduler. Freemium model, charget $5 – Enterprise Plan.

Email scheduler. Freemium model. Charges $5 – $10 per user per month.

Spell and grammar checker. Freemium model charges from $11.66 – $29.95 per month.

Email CRM. Free trial. Charges $19 – $28 per user per month.

One click VPN. Freemium. Charges €6.49 – €8.99 per user per month.

The automatic coupon-finding. Free for the user but they make revenue through commission when someone buys through their site.

Occupy The Bookstore
Textbook price-comparison extension. Generated 5-figures during the January back-to-school rush. Commission based.

Remembers your passwords. Charges $12 a year.

The Camelizer
Amazon Price Tracker – Commission based.

Hola VPN
Community powered VPN. Has an interesting revenue model. Free if you contribute otherwise $5 premium per month.

Invisible Hand
Price comparison. Commission based.

JavaScript Torrent Tracker. Cost 2.99.

Email tracker and profiler by HubSpot. Quota based. Free until a certain amount of emails then $10 per month per user.

Thats it. I hope this might save you some time doing the research yourself. And as I said if you know of other extensions/plugins that are doing well, please feel free to submit it via the comments.

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Good and interesting things I discovered in 2014

The following list of things I found, pregnancy people I met or discovered and projects I worked on in 2014 is in no specific order of importance. It’s been a good year, this site mostly spend with Square, my family & my side projects. I managed to loose 20kgs and will be loosing 15kg more to get down to my optimal weight.

Quick Facts

Business ideas. 24
Side projects started. 6
Side projects finished. 1
Side projects still going 3
Number of advisory boards I joined. 5
Speeches I gave 0
Interviews I did 1
Domains I bought 5
Domains I sold 0
Domains I lost 1

Great articles I Read

Stop Trying to Save the World
An NGO insider lays out a compelling case about what is wrong with the way the west tries to solve the problems of the developing countries.

For Example
Phd. Mike Bostock makes some of New York Times many great inforgraphics. In this essay he takes you through some of his thinking.

How to Think
My oldest son started Kindergarten this year at Success Academy. Part of their curriculum is learning chess. This great essay explains why thats not a bad idea.

The Economics of StarTrek – The Proto-Post Scarcity Society
I read a lot about technology and it’s impacts on society. I think 2014 will known as the year before the year where unconditional basic income became a wider accepted solution to the rise of the robots. This essay takes a constructive approach.

Bootstrapping A Decentralized Autonomous Corporation
With bitcoin it’s possible to create an organisation build on smart contracts and potentially without a human owner.

Great books I read

Creativity Inc
I am normally not a big fan of books about creativity. This book written by Ed Catmull is a welcome exception. Probably one of the best books I have read on the subject.

Light in the end of the tunnel – Automation, Accelerating Technology and the Economy of the Future
I have been studying the subject of technology and it’s tendency to create structural unemployment. Martin Ford lays out a very convincing case for why we should worry about our future.

Zero to One – Notes on Startups & How to Build The Future.
“What important truth about the world do almost no-one agree with you on?” With this contrarian question Peter Thiel kicks of his very interesting book. It has some great perspectives but also some very sloppy thinking. If you are lukewarm about that kind of review you can just read the lecture notes the book is was based on.

The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind
The Origin of Consciousness by Julian Jaynes is one of those books that will forever change your view of the world. It’s a challenging read but whether it’s theory holds up or not it’s going to make for one hell of ride.

Interesting People I Discovered


Martin Ford
The author of “The Lights In The Tunnel” a great book about automation and it’s impact on society.

Tyler Cowen
One of the few economists who seem to be taking technology progress seriously. Written several books amongst others. Average Is Over

Michael Bhaskar
I found out about Michael Bashkar when I heard a lecture he did about the future of publishing. He is also running a very extensive list of digital publishing startups


Jonathan BallChaotic Atmosphere, Ariel Belinco,

Interesting graphs I discovered

Decoupling Productivity and Employment
Producitivy and Employment are increasingly decoupled. This means that the average household income is stagnant and structural unemployment is increasing while corporate profits (due to higher productivity) is increasing.

This is going to be the single most important discussion the coming decade. What to do with technology.

Job Growth by Decade in the US
Job growth per decade has been dropping since 2nd world war. I am still trying to process what this means but it does show that despite an increase in population and advanced technology it does not add more jobs. Question is will it continue to decline.

Trends in US GDP, Profits, Investments and Employment, 1995-2011

By now I assume you get the point. These are showing an alarming trend I think it will continue in 2015.

Teachers in 1960 & 2010
This isn’t a graph but it’s still pretty precisely described worrying trend about our kids education.

Some fun things I build

My new Mac app. A contextual notes and to-do app that allow you to attach notes to folders, documents, application and urls. Going to launch it in January. Watch this site for further updates www.ghostnoteapp.com

Hula Books
Been wanting to get into digital publishing for a while. Hula Books allow you to create your own book club or find people who want to study the same book as you and discuss it’s content. It’s currently under development but here are a few static pages.

These people made my life great

My wife, my kids, The old 80/20 crowd, Robert Andersen, Tobias Golodnoff & family , Bob Lund, Jackob Langemark, Stefan Bech, Umar Akram, Francois Mazudier, Søren Kenner, my friends in the Vets channel, the Weekendhacker community, Jimmy Hough and many many more.

Happy New Years see you in 2015!

Your mouse behavior as your password?

Google Can Now Tell You’re Not a Robot With Just One Click | WIRED.

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself but this seems to have huge potentials.

This is actually quite interesting from a whole other perspective.
If a machine can determine you are human what if it learns your unique patterns? Couldn’t it then be used to determine you are you?
And couldn’t this solve the problem of identity?
In the bitcoin world, no rx what if you could use this to log into your bitcoin wallet?

Screenshot of Ghostnote my little side-project


Been working for quite a while on this little baby on the side.

Pending app-store approval hopefully without major issues. It’s not your typical notes app but rather a contextual notes and todo app that remembers where you took the notes and automatically finds the right notes for you.

Bitcoin ideas too far out for Johnny

Digital Pokemón Cards.
Basically the ability to create digital collectors items.

E-books that could gain value.
You could sell ebooks at a premium and allow people to re-sell them. Because the history of their ownership is recorded you could even see them gaining value if they had been owned by a celebrity.

Private but public healthcare records.
For research and usage. Store the health-records publicly as personas but allow individuals people to link it with their identity. This would help with research in completely new ways.

Voting made public but anonymous
Make it impossible to fake voting results by making the results available for everyone.

Artificial Intelligence
Using the protocol to create automated consensus models.

Companies without owners
Build a company with a political purpose without any owner.